Is anyone a Saint?

St Valentine was the Patron saint for lovers (and epileptics) he advocated affection, stood for people’s adoration of one another. Today we continue that tradition of love but in a rather different way…

Paper hearts

Now; couples and marriages and even friends feel obliged to shower each other with an array of cute, ‘romantic’ tokens of affection. Restaurants, pubs and shops are adorned with confetti, balloons and paper chains of red love hearts. All with the idea of romance and love behind it. A money making bunch of hooey designed to make us spend under constraint.

Despite questioning this mad notion, that love has a schedule. I still hope for a card or some flowers, some kind of sentiment to determine romantic feeling. Why? Because I’m a sucker for love! Everybody wants to feel wanted, desired and special.

As much as I am cynical about the whole premise of having to have a day to show this, I kind of agree.

A day to celebrate your gratitude and infatuation for others is a good thing. It may be a card companies wet dream and a florist’s best day for revenue, but then why begrudge them that when we create the opportunity for them by buying into the hype.

Fill up on love

Most of us do feel obligated to get our significant other a card on February 14th and nine times out of ten that card or bunch of flowers creates a little joy. It is marketing ploy by big companies to make more money, but so what?!

In the busy day to day of work commitments, children’s assemblies, piles of laundry, and holidays how often do we devote a bit of time for romance? Some people are not romantic at all. Yet, there are still men racing to the petrol station to grab a bunch of flowers for their Mrs. And no, it’s not a trip to Paris for two, or a pair of diamond earrings. But that’s not the point. The point is, that the man made the effort to show some adulation to his other half. And better yet we can blame the company created day to justify our romantic outbursts (if showing affection doesn’t come easy to us!)

The idea of creating a day whereby it’s acceptable and favourable to be a little bit soppy, to show the people you love; that you love them isn’t so bad after all. It may well be contrived, and I (along with many others I suspect) will continue to have a cynical moan about it. But I cannot dispute that it’s nice to make that time for people you care about. Anyway, if anyone asks it’s the card companies’ fault, not mine!

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